Developing soccer all-stars and providing positive character-building experiences in South Windsor since 1987.


This FAQ was created as a starting point for parents, coaches, and other interested parties to our most frequent line of questioning. To facilitate improved navigation, we've bucketed the questions into various catergories. If your question does not appear below, please do not hesitate to contact us here.  

General Information about Our Club and Programs:

What is the history of South Windsor Soccer Club?
South Windsor Soccer Club was started in 1987 to offer soccer programs to the youth of South Windsor. That first year had over 300 players registered. Today there are over one thousand youths of all abilities playing in a variety of soccer programs including an in-house recreation league, TOPSoccer and full Travel program.  South Windsor Soccer Club is a non-profit  501(c)(3) organization.

How many youth athletes and coaches are involved?
As of the Fall 2012 season, South Windsor Soccer Club was comprised of approximately 1,000 youth athletes and 80 volunteer coaches. This number doesn’t include the thousands of parents supporting the sidelines, hours of volunteer work or the referees which maintain order in our games.

I’d like to join as a volunteer, where do I sign up?
One of the club’s most valuable assets is the volunteer base which gives a tremendous amount of support to the club. There are several roles you can take as volunteer and based upon your interests we can certainly find a matching part.

Interested in being a coach? Contact our Coaching Director.

Want to be involved in event planning or the Board of Directors? Contact the Club President.

Unsure of what you’d like to participate in but want to give back to the community, introduce yourself at the next board meeting (see calendar on home page for schedule). All of South Windsor Soccer Club’s board meetings are open to the public. In fact the club very much appreciates your continued feedback.  We hope to see you at the next meeting.

Questions about Registrations, Rosters  and the Refund Process:

How do I register for the upcoming season, and what forms of payment are accepted?
Keeping up with the times, our process has moved online which allows us to better track registrations throughout the year. The majority of payments accepted by the club are those through the use of PayPal (including credit card payments through PayPal), however we understand some individuals might still prefer writing a check. Check payments are still accepted with more information available at the completion of the online registration form.
When do I need to register my child to play in the Spring and Fall seasons?
Registration for the Spring season begins January 15th and ends March, 1st. Fall soccer registration is open between May 15th and closes July 1st
Why are late fees charged when the season doesn’t begin until almost 2 months later?
A successful season relies on several individuals working year round, which includes purchasing equipment, supplies, insurance, etc for our players and coaches in advance and in bulk. To the extent the club needs to purchase items beyond our normal registration dates, we often lose the competitive pricing of advance orders.  Our late fees are used to motivate timely registrations.
I’ve seen U-## listed for teams, how do these age brackets work for youth soccer?
Age banding is important to youth soccer for several reasons including safety, enjoyment of the game, and the overall development of the player.  In example, you might see a U-13 designation signifying that the players in that division are “under 13”. Meaning all players must be no older than 12 years as of August 1st of that year. Still confused, don’t worry; more information can be found within the Registration section of our website.

What is SWSC’s refund policy?
The club fully understands that while soccer might be the passion of one youth other, especially our very young players, might attend the first practice and understand that soccer is not for them. Subsequent to the first practice the club incurs nonrefundable expenses on your child’s behalf; therefore we’ve established a tiered refund policy to appropriately cover these costs and keep registration fees to a minimum:

Prior to the 1st Practice – a 100% refund will be processed

After the 1st Practice but prior to the 1st Game – a 100% refund will be processed less a $25 refund fee

After 1st Game – no refund will be processed with the exception of extenuating circumstances (i.e. health condition / injury).

All further questions related to refunds should be directed towards the Registrar.

Questions Related to Stipends and Other Number Crunching Items:



Why does the club issue stipends or credits to certain individuals?
While there are a countless number of volunteers whom donate their time to the club (for which we are ever thankful); certain responsibilities in the organization require specialized skill sets and/or a significant number of hours on a daily basis. For these individuals, the club issues stipends or credits to attract and retain these individuals. Further details are located in the club’s annual report.

My family housed a UK coach this season; how do we receive credit from the club?
Families whom house a UK International coach during the season are eligible for a $50 credit for each week the coach was housed.  At the end of the fiscal year, all amounts due to families are credited by the Treasurer. For further questions, please contact the UK Housing Director and Club Treasurer here.

I was an In-House Division director this season, how do I receive credit from the club?
Each of the division directors are entitled to a waiver a registration fees for one child. Should a director have paid for a registration that should otherwise be waived, the Club Treasurer will credit the individual back at the close of the fiscal year. Further question should be directed to the Club Treasurer here.

My family is currently facing financial hardship, is their financial assistance available?
We understand that sometimes our fellow neighbors might encounter difficult times and in order to continue to develop the youth of our town we offer financial assistance to families on an ad-hoc basis. Eligibility is granted on a per season basis and covers registration fees only. Equipment and Travel Uniforms are not included in the assistance program.  The number of families receiving financial assistance is contingent on the funds available at that time. 
The application process for financial assistance is strictly confidential. A family should be prepared to share a copy of the family’s most recent tax filing, proof of eligibility of free or reduced school lunch programs, and a copy of a current pay stub. Inquiries can be directed to Michael Moriarty at (203) 525-4476

How are my child’s registration fees used by the club?
Registration fees are the club’s primary source of income and we understand that every member is interested in how those fees are used. A detailed breakdown of fees can be found within the club’s annual report.

What does SWSC’s status as a non-profit organization mean?
In legal terms, South Windsor Soccer Club is tax exempt entity recognized by the federal government as an organization which promotes amateur sports competition while combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency. Most charitable organizations fall into this classification which is favorable as these types of organizations are eligible to receive tax deductible contributions from supporters.

I heard about a scholarship available from SWSC, where does my child apply?
The club will generally provide two $500 scholarships to the youth of South Windsor through the South Windsor Dollar for Scholars program.


Questions Related to Coaching:

Why become a SWSC coach?
Becoming a SWSC coach is a great opportunity to become active in the South Windsor community by teaching the game of soccer and life lessons to our youth players. The SWSC will provide every coach with the resources and help needed to become a quality coach regardless of previous coaching experience. Past and present coaches have shared that coaching with SWSC is a rewarding experience.

How do I become a coach?
You can contact several people, for in-house soccer you would contact either the boys or girls in-house director. For travel soccer you would contact either the boys or girls travel director. You can also contact the Director of Coaching.

What is a coaching director?
The Director of Coaching (DOC) will direct and supervise the South Windsor Soccer Club coaching staff and is ultimately responsible for meeting the Club’s overall objectives relative to player and team development.
What educational resources are available for SWSC coaches?
There is a password protected section on the www.southwindsorsoccer.orgwebsite under “Hey Coach” that has plenty of educational resources to assist both in-house and travel programs. Please contact the Director of Coaching for the password.

Does the organization utilize outside coaches to assist with programs?
The SWSC currently utilizes the services of UK International to assist with Little Kickers, Tops Program and supplement our coaches in the inhouse soccer programs.